Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am no longer a volunteer at the Brown County Humane Society. I now live and work as a live-in caregiver with my wife and two dogs. We acquired our first dog, Baron, from a breeder that had originally kept him to show but didn't want him any more because he developed some flaws as he reached maturity. Our second dog, Roscoe, we adopted from the local humane society where his mother gave birth to him and his litter-mates.
While I no longer volunteer with large numbers of dogs I still am working with my two dogs, both of which came to my home with their own unique problems. Baron came to me with a fair amount of training but most of this training was geared toward making him a great show dog. He hadn't learned how to sit, roll over, eat nicely and calmly or even how play fetch.
Roscoe came to us at 8 weeks old. He hadn't acquired any training at all. He wasn't house-trained and had no manners for interacting with people and still had a lot of work to do on his manners for interacting with other dogs as well.
With both dogs we are very happy with the progress they have made. They have both learned a number of skills or tricks including learning how to walk like "gentlemen" on their leashes. They both know how to sit and stay as well as lie down. Baron has also learned how to roll over, circle, shake, high five, and sit pretty. As you see from this post both dogs have made huge improvements in their abilities and will continue to do so as I and my wife continue to put our time and effort into training them and making them better canine citizens.

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